Coach April Gettys
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

About Me


My name is Coach April Gettys, I am a professional fitness trainer in Eagle River, Alaska. I am a mother to four grown sons, a grandmother to 6 beautiful grandchildren, and a wife to an incredibly supportive husband! I attend ACF Church in Eagle River, Alaska where I am a volunteer. I am a survivor of cancer and a survivor of domestic violence. 

In my early years of life, I didn't care for my body the way we are intended to. I found myself sick often, weight fluctuated up and down, and I tried every fad diet on the market, or so it seemed. 

In April 2015, I began my fitness journey and I committed to training to become the healthiest and fittest I could be. I was determined to not be the "aging" 50 something that society wants me to be!

I started out with no results and struggled back and forth between chubby and skinny fat for most of my life. In 3 short years, I have become the fittest and strongest that I have ever been. This has allowed me to manage my Multiple Autoimmune Disease Disorder without medication!

Now I'm in complete control of my body and the way it looks, and I specialize in helping men and women of all ages, achieve the same thing.

In 2018 I started school to become a personal trainer and nutritionist. I was hooked! I wanted more, and I got more! I am currently a Master Trainer and have my certification in Strength and Conditioning, Body Building, Corrective Exercise, Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness, Glute Specialist, Health Coach, Exercise Therapy, Tactical Athlete, Sports Nutrition, and Kettlebell Training. My goal is to get a PHD in Sports Science!

I believe that the custom approach is the most effective method! I build all of my programs through my knowledge of the human body and exercise. I do not rely of apps to build programs for my clients. I customize each program to fit the individual needs of my clients!

If you are ready to start your fitness journey, please contact me!